Pera | Elgin, Gisborne

“I love Gisborne. I’ve been here most of my life. It’s a great community. We have great beaches, awesome weather, a lot of great people here.

One of the things that I’m passionate about is the music industry in Gisborne, East Coast, Tairāwhiti there’s so much talent, and so many artists, that it’s amazing to see the creativity, the positivity and everything that comes out of the music industry. Gisborne, East Coast has something to show for itself. There’s many artists here in Gisborne, and it’s great to see the potential and originality that they bring out of their music.

I get into running and I actually do rugby and rugby league as well. I do a bit of boxing and I’m into music. My music that I’ve done so far, I haven’t actually completed one song, but it’s a promotion for the Gisborne, East Coast, Tairāwhiti region. It’s showing people a positive thing of how people are here in Gisborne. It’s got place names on it that a lot of people from this area can relate to. 

Wakin’ up to my new millennium

I’m from Gisborne, first place to see the sun.

On the East Coast, this great city.

The original name is Tairāwhiti.

Just to shout out, a shout out dedication

DelMon Crew was a big inspiration.

Gisborne, New Zealand on the map 

Everybody knows living in Gizzy, you’re living in the G’trap.

From Muriwai to KYT,

I’m kicking it at my cousin’s cooking up a hangi

Like LOCC, I’m Kai T collective.

I’m checking out my lyrics instrumental perfected.

Called it the sunny day, blue skies everywhere.

Heading straight to the top

Sitting on top of the world, oh yeah

That’s how it goes, I live around my ways

I can only bring it to you like this.

Gisborne born and raised.

At first, I collaborated with someone on-stage. I actually did on-stage, performance. That was a new experience for me, and that was amazing. The crowd was amazing, and there was so much talent that different people performed. It was Shane Biddle at Gisborne’s Got Talent. I was up-town one day, and I met this guy busking on the side of the road. His name was Shane Biddle, and I asked him, could I have a turn at doing a rap?  So, I was busking on the side of the road, and the next minute, one hour later, we’re at Gisborne’s Got Talent, performing on-stage. It was amazing. Great experience.”

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