Lance | Whangārei, Northland

“I live in Whangārei. It’s beautiful here. You’re missing out. This is the place to be. This is where I reside. This is it. Winning. Whangārei all day. We love it here. Nau mai, haere mai. 

We’ll call it Godly moments. Every day is a Godly moment. Every second of your life is a Godly moment. Man, I love it here. Right now I’m on Robert Street. We’re outside the Open Arms, and through these guys have helped me get a house. Well, a roof over my head. Way to go, Jacinda and Aunty Winnie, and the rest of the back-up. Government needs to wake up. I love this place. They’ve helped me get a home, roof over my head, but I’m an outdoorsy dude. I love fishing, man. Look, I’ll show you something. I just caught it this morning. You’re going to crack-up at it. So, guys we’ve got fresh tarakihi. Just caught it this morning. Fresh-as. Not even off a boat. I am the boat. So, all good. We love fishing here. I give back to the people. We feed the masses up here. It’s not about us, anymore. We’ve got to wake up and feed everybody, and love everybody. Yeah, just be good to one another. Be kind guys. So, I love fishing. We’ve got this. We’ve got these. I could get more, but there’s too many. 

So, these people here at the Open Arms, have helped me immensely, massively. They’re tremendously kind people. Whangārei, represent. We need more people like these people. We’re lucky we’ve only got a small town. So, there’s only a handful of us that are truly homeless. I’ve been homeless for two years. You’re looking at me like, yeah whatever. I’ve been homeless, living on the streets, eating off the streets. All you people residing in your million-dollar mansions, stuck in your little bubbles, the end of the day, the homeless will come through and rise above the top. That’s how I feel. Survivor Bear Grills, whatever. Bro, come to Whangārei and survive, easily. It’s a wealth of kai out here. The sea’s there. That’s my cupboard. I love it. So, what else can I say but, have peace in your life. Definitely love is out there. Share it. And the old Ellen DeGeneres, treat one another with kindness. It’s the best medicine. Absolutely. Kindness isn’t the new cool. It’s always been cool. Peace. 

I’ve been released from prison a couple of years ago, and I’ve been out. It feels like I got out yesterday. So, every time the sun comes up, that’s my day of reckoning, where the justice system let Lance out, but I find it hard to live amongst the rules of rent, and I’ve got too many habits. They’re good ones. I can’t afford to pay rent, and I want to, but I do use my money wisely, thanks to Aunty Winnie. Way to go to WINZ. I’ve lived a colourful background. Those who know me, know me well. You know who you are. We’ve been locked up together for 20 years. 50 this year, guys. Wake up. Prison wasn’t good but I came home. I’ve got family all over the world, and I know they’re out there and I can go places. With Covid and all, we’re stuck in our little bubbles. Coming to get you at Level 1. I’m coming at you live, straight up. Yeah, this is Lance knocking off for now. 

I could go deeper into my past, but it’s truly colourful, to say the least. So you know, I paid in full, doing my thing now. I love it. Our freedom is the best in the world. To have your own freedom and space to do what you want is so awesome. So, don’t take things for granted. Step up to the plate, man. The man of man. If I was the man, I’d be the man. Come on. Wake up, fellas. Look after your woman. Look after your children. Love one another.”

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