Durand | Queenstown, Otago

“I experience kindness all the time. Everybody. I can bring it out in them, I believe. I bring out the kindness in people. Some people don’t want to be kind, but I can bring it out. 

I grew up on a farm in Hamilton, just out on the outskirts of Hamilton. I had a pretty good life, actually. My parents stayed together, both married. I’ve got four sisters. I’ve always been drawn into art. Most art and philosophy. I want to be a tattooist, and I’m just waiting until we come back to Level 1, and then I’ll be able to get back into tattooing. 

Most important thing in life to me is the people. That’s the most important thing. Make sure everybody spreads the light. You know what I mean? All I can say is if you see somebody down, show them a bit of love. Help them. Show them a bit of light. Just make sure everybody’s okay. If somebody’s not okay, I like to help them.

One of my new closest friends, his name’s Matt, he hasn’t known me for long. He’s only known me for about a month, but he’s taken me into his house. He’s let me stay there. He knows my history. You know what I mean? But he can see something in me. He can see the good, and I know he can, so I’m only going to give him good, and that’s just one example. That’s kindness to me, he let me into his home, and let me stay under his roof.

So I started tattooing Matt. I’ve been giving him tattoos, and he’s taken me in despite my history. He’s taken me in under his roof. He’s given me a bedroom. He’s like my brother, but you know, a long-lost brother, and that’s that kindness thing, isn’t it? He’s pretty good. 

Last night I went to McDonalds, and I wasn’t supposed to leave my house, where I’m staying at the minute. I left. I went to McDonalds, and I was like the only car on the road. So, inevitably, I was going to be pulled up, and they just pulled me up and then I breached my bail condition, so I had to stay the night in the Police cells, but that’s okay. They look after you in there, too. See? That’s some more kindness. Everybody is. Even the Police.

What have I done? There’s just heaps of things. It all started, well I’m not supposed to drive. My license is expired, and what else? I received some stolen items. That didn’t help the matter. Cannabis. Just heaps of little things all built up.

My hopes for the future is that I can continue to live here in Queenstown. I’ll get into the tattoo studio and make some real money and do what I like to do which is drawing and art. That’s all I want to do in life is art.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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