Benn | Blenheim, Marlborough

“I’m a butcher working for Mike Newman in Blenheim, it’s just cutting up meat, bagging up stuff and it’s insane. It’s actually pretty good.

I work three days, and it’s going pretty good so far, and he’s paying me on two main days. I was born on the farm, and I was a farm-boy for a few years, and now I got moved from there into town. I’ve got one main brother, and a step-brother.

They’re different mates. They all do different things, and they always go out partying and things like that. When it’s a party I don’t even know about, then I get to go, too and that’s awesome. And there’s some people I don’t know. I like, going out with mates, hanging out, drinking and that. Everything’s pretty good. 

Nothing much in the future. I actually want to live on my own pretty soon, yeah.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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